A change of tune

by on January 26, 2014

This is William Hague today on Syria, discussing the threat posed by some of the hundreds of people from Britain who have gone to fight [more…]

Faking it

by on June 5, 2013

In Northern Ireland the government is spending public money faking economic activity. This report from Reuters  describes how the government is dressing up derelict [more…]

NSPCC madness

by on May 30, 2013

The Manifesto Club has again rightly  taken the NSPCC to task for producing a guide to regulating human relations and puting child sex at [more…]

No option off the table

by on May 20, 2013

Hague has apparently said that "no option is off the table" if Syria "refuses to negotiate".

They did this with Yugoslavia too. Come to a [more…]

Hague threatens to storm the Ecuadorian embassy

Hague threatens to storm the Ecuadorian embassy

by on August 16, 2012

In a last bid attempt to prevent Ecuador giving political asylum to Julian Assange Mr Hague threatened to storm the Ecuadorian embassy in London.  The text of a letter sent by Mr Hague to the Ecuadorians read: [more…]

Review of Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed

by on June 7, 2012

First published in 1968 this is a world-famous work on pedagogy in the context of a struggle for liberation. The educational criticism and theory is developed in the context of a Marxist dialectic. Even outside of that political context the book still has huge value as a pointer to an approach to teaching which is based on solidarity and not manipulation and oppression.

Original Publication Date: 2010

A review and evalution of the relevance of this work to contemporary education and youth work