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Information correction on US war-games in Syria

by on June 19, 2017

The US has shot down a Syrian fighter jet in Syria.

The Independent reports the statement by the US military as saying that they:
The [more…]

Meddling in the internal affairs of another country

by on June 13, 2017

This is a statement by the EU on the detentions, at an illegal rally, of numerous protestors in Moscow:
- We expect the Russian authorities [more…]

The lies of the elite on terrorism

by on May 28, 2017

In the 1990s at the time the Western war machine was justifying its intervention in Somalia to its 'democratic' populations we could not sleep without [more…]

Meddling in the democratic political processes of another country

by on May 14, 2017

The Russian state may have hacked the computers of the Democratic party and released information which was harmful to the Democratic Presidential candidate.

The information [more…]

The problem with fundamentalism in the world today

by on April 19, 2017

In the run up to the Iraq war President Bush made a lot of speeches in which he denounced the "aggression" of Saddam Hussein. It [more…]

The concept of ‘truth’ for the Empire is not your concept of truth

by on April 15, 2017

The pattern is familiar and well-established.

A group of organisation who is 'on our side' (the US/West) produces some 'evidence' that paints whomever the State [more…]