The Labour party leader contest

by on July 30, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn interviewed on RT.

Could he be the next leader of the Labour party? A candidate in a general election for Prime Minister? Someone [more…]

The religious critique of capitalism

The religious critique of capitalism

by on July 10, 2015

Pope Francis

By the Pope.

The full text of his speech in Bolivia.

He correctly identifies that the root problem is a global system which [more…]

The Bellingcat report on MH17 and the media treatment of it

by on June 3, 2015

After the tragic downing of Malaysian airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine the¬†Russian Defence Ministry released some satellite images at a conference. They said that these [more…]

The wrong kind of gimmicks?

The wrong kind of gimmicks?

by on May 9, 2015

[Ed Miliband: attending his humiliating JobSeeker interview soon? I don't think so.]

The Labour party abandoned any form of socialism under Tony Blair. That was [more…]

Is austerity a myth?

Is austerity a myth?

by on May 3, 2015

Right-wingers sometimes make the claim that "austerity" is a myth. Traditional left-wingers tell a story of a nation gripped in devastating austerity. Who is telling [more…]

Choosing freedom with Britain’s help

by on February 25, 2015

Choosing freedom... building democracy... with Britain's help. Cameron gives a shout out to Misrata, Zintan, Tripoli, Brega. September 2011.