by on February 7, 2017

Therapy has monetised friendships. In an economy-society in which everything is treated as a source of profit and financial gain it was entirely inevitable that [more…]

Acquiescent in power

by on December 26, 2016

Therapy positions itself on the basis that "all problems are internal". All problems are explained as being due to the client "not being in touch [more…]

Therapy can never help

by on November 1, 2016

The starting point for therapy is that you should focus your attention on yourself. On your emotions. On your past. On your interior life.

In [more…]

There is nothing wrong with you

by on October 30, 2016

Therapy shares the same pedagogical model as modern factory education and, for that matter, the model of pharmaceutical "treatment" of psychiatric "disorders".

In all 3 [more…]

The goal of therapy

by on October 19, 2016

Therapy is about helping people feel more comfortable. It aims to help them feel less "distress".

Let's leave aside the question of whether therapy achieves [more…]

When therapy is a ‘way of life’ it is not a science

by on August 14, 2016

During the course of therapy a therapist will have to gloss over a multitide of evident signs that their theory is not valid and their [more…]