Faking it

In Northern Ireland the government is spending public money faking economic activity. This report from Reuters  describes how the government is dressing up derelict shops with posters and paintings to make them look like thriving businesses. This is in the run up to a G8 conference to be held in Northern Ireland.

This seems a nice example of how the corporate-state-bureaucratic classes live in a phantasy world. They are prepared to use public money to sustain their phantasy. Rather than see the dereliction and decay which inevitably accompanies capitalism they paint over it.

Northern Ireland Environment Minister Alex Attwood is quoted as saying: “Northern Ireland is in the international spotlight so it is entirely right that we should portray it in the best light possible”. Just like China – or any other country the British press mocks when they fake it for the Olympics or some other major event.

Notice too the modern language of the political class; it is  “entirely right”. That is he is not going to justify it by argument and evidence, or by appeal to some sort of shared (democratic) principals. It is just “entirely right”. (“Beyond argument” as the Guardian would say).

Why do people vote for these people?


Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer