Ah the irony…

Following a “Friends of Syria” meeting the war-criminal Hague has said:

We are clear that Syrian President Assad has no role in a peaceful and democratic Syria

The irony of a British Foreign Secretary determining in advance of any kind of electoral process who can and can’t have a role in a sovereign foreign country while claiming to be promoting democracy in that country, appears to be lost on the war-criminal William Hague. On the other hand, it is revealing about what they mean when they talk about promoting democracy around the globe.

The second irony is of course “Friends of Syria”. The group includes those countries who are spewing in arms, fuelling a violent civil war, causing untold suffering and countless refugees. Not really all that friendly. Reliable and independent estimates at the start of the conflict were that about 40% of the Syrian population supported Assad.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer