Stop organising terrorism

In response to the attacks in Volgograd David Cameron has “tweeted” that:

I’m shocked and saddened by the Volgograd attacks. I’ve written to President Putin to say the UK will help Russia in whatever way we can.

Whatever the circumstances they never miss the populist and emotive PR tweet do they?

The main point though is that there are plenty of ways that David Cameron and his allies could help. Here are some ideas:

  • Stop giving diplomatic and military support to one faction in the Syrian civil war. This hasn’t led to a ‘victory’ for the West’s favoured candidates to rule Syria. It has though prolonged the war and the longer it is prolonged the more international jihadist groups flourish there.
  • Stop abusing UN resolutions. Respect international norms. Don’t break any more UN resolutions. As you abused the resolutions on Libya.
  • Don’t collaborate with other parties such as the French who supplied the ‘rebels’ in Libya with weapons

    Author: justinwyllie

    EFL Teacher and Photographer