Telling lies about Syria

Hague is at it again. He blames Assad for the current impasse at the UN brokered talks in Geneva. He also said:

With the war in Syria causing more death and destruction every day, we owe it to the people of Syria to do all we can to make progress towards a political solution

Interestingly, the comments on the Yahoo article (where the above quote comes from) by members of the public shows convincingly that Mr Hague is not deceiving the British public. At least not that section who can be bothered to comment on a news web site.

Also today the Wall Street Journal (hardly a radical newspaper) has reported that Saudi Arabia is going to go ahead and supply anti-tank weapons and MANPADs (anti-aircraft missiles) to some of the armed opposition outfits in Syria. According to the Wall Street Journal there is an intelligence room in Jordan where intelligence agents from the ‘Friends of Syria’ group – which includes the British state, France and Saudi, meet and plan their military support for the rebels. Hague may not be supplying anti-aircraft missile systems but his agents in M16 certainly know it is going on. M16 is no doubt co-coordinating the delivery of the Jeeps, body armour and other military equipment which the British government admits to supplying.

At the start of this Hague and others opportunistically tried to give Assad a push. They did this by consistently supporting the rebel demand that Assad should go; contrary to the actual text of Geneva 1. Had the British state taken an even-handed line and urged both sides to negotiate matters may well have evolved differently. Only had he done that could Hague honestly claim that his actions are to do with “

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer