Mr Hague has blood on his hands

Mr William Hague is quoted today by AFP as saying:

Events in the last 24 hours show the will of Ukrainians to move towards a different future, and ensure that the voices of those who have protested courageously over several months are heard

I am quite sure that if people in the UK threw petrol bombs at policemen, attacked them with staves, used firearms, beat them, held them hostage, killed some, stole arms from police stations and tried to storm government buildings he would not describe this as “protesting courageously”. It is pretty sickening to see an elected politician in the West sanctioning and praising the levels of violence seen in Ukraine from rioters over the last few weeks. Even if you agree with their demands, (Ukraine to join the EU, the elected President to be got rid of, and the overturning of a court ruling concerning the shape of the Ukrainian constitution), it is still utterly astonishing even by current standards to see a politician in Britain praising these kinds of actions.

In this same statement Mr William Hague went on to recommend an IMF package for Ukraine. The idea no doubt is to trump the offer of a loan from Russia. The plan as we know, all along, as been to bring Ukraine into the EU / NATO orbit. Essentially to capture Ukraine. Well. They appear to have succeeded. So long as the country doesn’t fall into a civil war. If it does the responsibility for that lies squarely at the door of the meddling and manipulative politicians of the EU.

It is revealing of the state of “democracy” in Europe that our politicians have sided with rioters trying to force their demands on an elected government by violence. It does not perhaps take a great deal of political acumen to see that the peaceful option would have been to recommend to both sides that they settle the matter with a national referendum. Yet again however we see nothing but unintelligent and unprincipled opportunism from Western politicians.

Ukraine today. Russia tomorrow?

Update 23/2/2014

Interviewed on the BBC Mr William Hague has now said:

We do know that Russia as well as the United States said a few days ago that they would get behind the deal that had been made, that deal has now been overtaken by events.

In fact, the opposition have broken the agreement completely. But that doesn’t fit the narrative. So truth is adjusted to fit. As he glossed over the extreme violence of the protesters so he glosses over the fact that they have broken every agreement they have made.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer