The liberal re-play of the cold war

Here is Mr Clegg doing it:

To regard closer ties between Ukraine and a non-military organisation like the European Union as the equivalent to American tanks on your lawn at the height of the Cold War suggests to me that we’re dealing with a man who’s applying yesterday’s divisions and arguments to today’s problems

And he is also quoted by the PA:

Nick Clegg has urged Moscow to enter into a “civilised dialogue” over Ukraine as the situation in occupied Crimea remained tense ahead of a proposed referendum on becoming part of Russia.

“civilised” is not the word some would use to describe the petrol bomb throwing, paving stone throwing, stave wielding mob in Maidan square. Russia quite correctly doubts the legitimacy of this “new government”. The “new government” even broke an agreement mediated by EU member countries Poland, France and Germany. Why isn’t staunch EU supporter Mr Clegg lambasting them about that? There is nothing “civilised” about talking with people who were propelled to power by thuggery. We know the EU game. They fostered the revolution and gave tacit cover to all sorts of violent groups. Now they are trying to move quickly on, bury that fact, and pretend that the “new government” in Kiev is just a normal democratic body. (See for example the leaked call with Catherine Ashton where the EU strategy is completely clear). It is a dishonest game.

It is a complete fiction that this is about “a non-military organisation like the European Union”. It is well-known including to Mr Clegg himself that NATO is fully on-board with this programme and is just biding its time. (Even the claim that the EU is a ‘non-military’ organisation is completely false. Under the Common Security and Defence Policy the EU has launched multiple military and security operations around the world.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer