What “de-escalation” and “dialogue” mean

The West demands that Russia “de-escalate”. Meanwhile the West supports a military operation being conducted largely against unarmed civilians in the East of Ukraine.

The West ratchets up the pressure. Visa bans on Russian political figures preventing their travel create difficulties for Russia – for example visiting the landlocked territory of Transnistria. This puts Russia under pressure to take more decisive steps to support Transnistria. If they do of course the West will accuse them of “aggression” and disavow their part in building the crisis.

“De-escalate” means surrender.


The West demands “dialogue” but it is evident that there is no intention of “dialogue”. Despite all the chatter about “democracy” when we see it in action – in the Eastern regions of Ukraine – this is deemed “illegal” (with a new-found respect for the Ukrainian constitution) and the West supports the tank option. Sanctions are the obvious antithesis of dialogue anyway.

“Dialogue” means submit.


This policy of aggression and domination comes from the US.  Without the US (and the UK Foreign Secretary’s being as usual in the role of obsequious echo) dialogue between “old Europe” and Russia might still be possible. The US of course has moved into many of the Baltic states and Eastern European states that used to be part of the USSR. (Defence agreements, bases and cash handouts have secured these nations’ allegiance) †. These states in turn contribute to the balance of power (in a small way) in the EU.  Russia is in effect being cornered. It looks like the Cold War never ended and the US is just playing out the fulfilment of the game-plan from that era. They are it seems still hell-bent on “defeating” Russia.  Essentially it is a kind of sickness or psycho-pathology. They can only talk down to and dominate. They cannot work as partners. They are like a pathological toddler in the nursery who can only exist if everyone around him follows his rule.



† http://www.eucom.mil/mission/the-region

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer