Freedom means rape

Rape is a normal part of business practices these days.

Here are a couple of examples. (I’ll add to this post as more occur to me).

i) I was called today by a company collecting the details of my business. The caller asked “Justin Wyllie”. To which I obviously replied “Yes”. Then the caller went on and said my address – to which I am supposed to automatically go “Yes”. Now; before they’ve spoken to me and without my consent they have obtained what they were after; confirmation of my details for their business directory. I need not exist for this operation to take place. It is rape. The caller identified themselves as being from a leading and well-known business directory.

ii) I made an enquiry with a company who provides advertising for businesses. I spoke and emailed them using the address on their web site. It turns out though that they will neither answer your query nor send you a price list in response to your enquiry. The people I spoke to explained that they are “Customer Service” and cannot answer such enquires. All they can do is take your phone number and someone from advertising will call you. Some days later I got such a call. This person was not able to give me a direct line to call her back on. She just “obtained permission” to call me again. The interaction proceeds entirely at their convenience. You are manipulated according to a well-organised routine which is entirely one-way. This one admittedly isn’t quite rape. It is more akin to sexual molestation.

This kind of data rape is normal and accepted these days. It shares with rape a complete disregard for the subject of the operation. The subject needs to be present but beyond that there is no human interaction. The protagonist just satisfies their needs/lust. And that’s it.

Both of these belong to the kind of behaviour which Ivan Illich categorised as “right-wing”. They are hierarchical, top-down and manipulative. These contrast with convivial, social, open behaviours which Illich categorised as “left-wing”. For example, had the advertising company been “left-wing” in Illich’s sense they would have immediately offered me a price list. They would have left the decision whether or not to contact them in my hands. If I did they would have answered my questions and again provided me with an opportunity to leave or stay in the sales process as I chose; not try to manipulate me into their system.

All these kind of manipulative, heartless, business practices are part of the “freedom” which the US and UK are exporting all over the world. The “freedom” which they use to claim the moral high ground.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer