The territorial integrity of Ukraine

The EU has explained that its recent sanctions against certain Russians are for their (alleged)

involvement in shaping the policy of the Russian government threatening the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, (RT)

This is the refrain against Russia constantly used by the US/EU.

The EU/US carried out a long-term endeavour to take over Ukraine, to draw it into their economic and military sphere of influence. They used all their usual methods which include:

  • funding NGOs which promote American values and make life under American rule seem desirable
  • tempting certain members of the business elite with unmissable opportunities
  • tempting members of the political elite with promises of how their importance will rise
  • manipulating political processes in the country
  • the above three amount to regime-change
  • a continual press campaign to promote their candidates and disparage anyone who disagrees as “terrorists” etc..
  • forging ties with

    Author: justinwyllie

    EFL Teacher and Photographer