The myth of “democracy”

The political and media classes in the West make a great deal about how we have “democracy”. Indeed they apparently hold “democracy” in such high esteem that they are willing to kill 100,000 Iraqi’s to impose “democracy” on them.

Let’s look at a couple of current/recent examples of “democracy” in action.

Firstly; the referendum on Scottish Independence. Â The UK government offered a final in or out referendum. SNP leader Alex Salmond could hardly refuse. Strategically the SNP could have achieved independence by a series of small steps. A decisive in-out vote was a high-risk for them. Â Forcing the issue was a gambol by Westminster politicians. The strategy of Westminster was clear. They forced the issue and then ran a campaign based around trying to scare Scottish voters into voting for the Union. The pro-Union campaign was characterised by scare-tactics around the economy. This isn’t “democracy”, at least in the sense of a rational debate conducted between adults. It was manipulation of the voters. The manipulative tactics are borrowed straight from the world of manipulative advertising. Indeed the same agencies which produce manipulative marketing campaigns are often involved in producing political messages.

The next gambol planned by David Cameron is the referendum on EU membership. Here the plan is to try to extract concessions from Germany, France and Italy which can be presented to the UK electorate. The other EU member states are being blackmailed in the most straightforward way. If they don’t come up with concessions Britain will probably leave. Off the back of this blackmail Mr Cameron will probably be able to go to the electorate (if there is a referendum at all of course) and squeeze them into voting for staying in the UK based on this new package. The idea is to take the wind out of the sales of the campaign to leave the EU. Â Again; this is all about manipulation. If there are some concessions and the electorate votes to stay in they will be voting for enslavement. They will have been forced into their choice by having the real choice taken away from them. This is not democracy. It is a tyranny which rules by manipulating the “democratic” process.

Democracy means that the people have a say in political decisions. They are not simply ruled.  But possibly “democracy” has always been about manipulation. The democracy of the Roman Republic involved large-scale manipulation and bribery of the plebs as rival oligarchs competed amongst themselves for power.  It seems  that having accepted the principal of “democracy” in outward form ruling elites simply try to manipulate the plebs. They rule not by diktat but by manipulation. But they still seek to rule in their own interests as before. In the contemporary world this means in effect that the manipulative methods of modern advertising and “media communications” are used to manipulate voters.  Democracy in the other sense, of rational, free, decision making between adults, remains elusive.

On a final note; the imposition of “democracy” on countries such as Iraq and Libya which are totally unsuited for it at this stage of their development  may be a case of setting them up to fail.  It is as if the ruling elites of the West are saying – look; we gave them democracy and what a mess they’ve made of it. So; we are superior and can legitimately rule. It is colonialism and racism dressed up as “democracy”. This may explain why they keep making the “same mistake”. It isn’t a mistake. They repeatedly set these countries up to fail. That’s the plan. It proves their superiority and legitimises their domination.



Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer