RAF threatens to shoot down plane over English channel

This story is too astonishing to believe almost. But it seems to be true. The RAF has apparently threatened to shoot down a Latvian cargo plane over the English channel.

The cargo plane was suffering a temporary loss of communication with air traffic control. It seems that because it was a Russian-built jet (an Anatov) assumptions were made that it was a Russian plane. Perhaps even the start of an invasion? On its way to bomb London maybe.

Sky news claims to have an audio of an RAF pilot informing the Latvian jet that if they entered British airspace they’d be shot down.

Coincidently today RT has published an interview with Noam Chomsky where he talks about how with all the hysteria around, a nuclear war between Russian and the West could quite easily be started by accident. This incident then turned up to prove him true. If the RAF had shot down a Russian cargo plane which had lost its way and was suffering communications problems what then?

The final note of the farce is that the plane turned out to be Latvian. Latvia is a member of NATO.

Strangely the Sky report completely fails to point out the absurdity of how the RAF threatened to shoot down a plane belonging to an ally. The story emphasises, in a serious minded tone, how the police “spoke to the crew” (after the jet was forced to land at

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer