Choosing freedom with Britain’s help

Choosing freedom… building democracy… with Britain’s help. Cameron gives a shout out to Misrata, Zintan, Tripoli, Brega. September 2011.

Libya today:

Libya key source for illicit arms. UN Envoy.

A new base for ISIS. Guardian

Desperate humanitarian situation. Aid agencies.

Spiralling violence caused by a lack of a central force. Washington Post

David Cameron”s offers re-assurance:

Britain is giving Libya support through our aid budget. We did a major training project for the Libyan security forces. We are doing work to try and bring together a national unity government in Libya. But of course what we face in Libya is a very difficult situation with far too many armed militias, without a proper government and with the growth of ungoverned space, and we”ve had the appalling events of the last few days with the brutal, senseless murders of Coptic Christians on the beach, which I know has shocked the whole world.

I discussed it yesterday with the president of Egypt and what the whole world needs to do is come together and work for a Libya that has a national unity government, obviously excluding terrorists, and that can start to build the institutions of a state

A difficult situation with far too many armed militias. Oh. Those must be the same people who DC was saluting (on behalf of the people of Britain) as “lions of the revolution” in Benghazi? The “major training project for Libyan security forces was a programme for 2000 cadets. It had to be terminated early after a series of cases of the Libyan cadets being charged with sexually assaulting local residents, both men and women. Surely the Prime Minister can’t be unaware of this?

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