Regime change isn’t working.

When will they learn? Iraq’s bloody regime change op hasn’t gone too well. Libya’s is at least as much as a disaster.

They’re still at it in Syria. The UK government is still calling for Assad to go. The US is talking about training “Moderate rebels”. (The illusory “teachers and dentists” which President Obama referred to in a speech). [1] The US has already been sending “lethal arms”. [2]

Here is a former British Ambassador to Syria putting the record straight.

The chances of democrats or moderates in Syria are like the chances of snowflakes in hell- zero. The only powerful forces ranged against the Syrian government are the extremist Islamists, ISIL and the likeminded. As long as the Western governments and some regional allies trying to hamper, and hamstring the Syrian government then I’m afraid this conflict will continue and continue to act as a magnet to young people in Britain and elsewhere.

Peter Ford interviewed on RT.

Meanwhile they bewail the problem of hundreds of radicalised young men returning from Syria to Britain…

It is weird, basically, how the elite power groups simply cannot see what is absolutely evident to everyone else. It seems to be a case of group-think. [3]



Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer