Election soap opera (2)

The Shadow Minister for “Work and Pensions” (Labour) has written to the Prime Minister complaining about “unfair benefit sanctions” (and other points) which drive people to food banks. But; “unfair benefit sanctions” have been around for quite a long-time. The last Labour government even considered cutting child benefit for “anti-social behaviour”. [1] A truly draconian measure. And sanctions such as cuts to unemployment benefit were introduced as part of their “New Deal” programme. [2]

The Labour “leader” has been giving a heart-felt fighting talk. Well; it sounded like every single word from the “joke” about David Cameron missing the “job interview” to the way he used the word “friends” at every moment, was scripted for him by a media advisor, but anyway. This sort of staged “speech” to small groups of party supporters is then packaged up and served as news by the media. The camera doesn’t stray onto the pitifully small group of supporters at all. Thus the media is in on the game. They are trying to create a sense of political leaders speaking to cheering crowds of people. And the substance? He is going to reduce the amount students have to pay for tuition fees from £9,000.00 to £6,000.00. [3] It is hardly a revolution. Oh, and hang on, I thought that tuition fees were introduced by the last Labour government? [4]

Who is convinced by any of this? Really?

Update 22/4/2015

This seems to be a theme. This is a report on Labour “leader” Ed Miliband trying to make some political capital by linking David Cameron to the tragic deaths of hundreds of would-be migrants in the Mediterranean recently. He cannot blame Cameron for bombing Libya. He voted for it too. So; he blames Cameron for not doing post-bombing re-construction. Hang on. That sounds eerily familiar. This is precisely the charge that the last Labour government who ordered the bombing of Iraq has been convicted of. Even those who still try to justify the bombing accept that the lack of planning concerning the “reconstruction phase” led to the problems.

Once again; Ed Miliband finds himself accusing the other side of his own policies. This situation is inevitable given that the Labour party and Conservative party both align themselves with exactly the same interests. At election time they need to look different – hence these absurdities with the Labour party accusing the Conservative party of a string of policies which the Labour party introduced.

Once again – it is staggering that millions of people are, apparently, still willing to swallow all this hog-wash and go out and vote on May 9th.



Author: justinwyllie

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