The wrong kind of gimmicks?

[Ed Miliband: attending his humiliating JobSeeker interview soon? I don’t think so.]

The Labour party abandoned any form of socialism under Tony Blair. That was the whole point. They determined that socialism was an electoral liability so they got rid of it.

But if they are not the party of socialism confronting the party of the free-market what are they?

Either to satisfy the remaining core of socialists who still support them or simply to try to create an aura of difference they now produce socialist gimmick policies, like souvenirs.

In this election Labour offered:

  • A gimmicky policy on rent-controls.
  • A gimmicky policy of energy price controls.
  • A gimmicky tax scheme on the largest houses.

It is the same old thing as New Labour. Nothing substantive that will rock the capitalist boat.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer