The free press in the West (6)

On May 12th US Secretary of State John Kerry met with both Foreign Minister Lavrov and President Putin in Sochi.

RT not surprisingly covered the story quite extensively.

In the light of the very harsh rhetoric which has been coming out of Washington in recent months this was a bit of a turn up for the books. There were friendly greetings and handshakes. Before the trip the State Department issued a statement explaining that Kerry was going to lecture the Russians about US views. After the visit though Kerry thanked Putin for his clear and direct explanations of the Russian position.

We can only guess what was on the agenda. Iran no doubt. S300s perhaps. Yemen. Ukraine. Sanctions. The military situation. The six hours of talks suggests some sort of quite serious discussions, even if only an exchange of views.

Of course this visit doesn’t sit very well with the US narrative about how beyond the pale Russia is with its “aggression” in Ukraine, its “absolutely cynical” position, its “breaking all international norms” and so on.

This is probably why the Western press scarcely mentioned it.

Your editor keeps an eye on Yahoo news. (There’s plenty of good old “free world” smut and near porn there most days but you can close your eyes to that). Yahoo does include feeds from Reuters, SkyNews, AFP and AP – so it is a good place to keep an eye on the Western press. In this case there was

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