Psychotherapists complain about austerity.

A coalition of psychotherapists and counsellors (442 of them) have published an open letter denouncing the effect of cuts in public spending on the emotional state of the nation. [1] They are concerned about the effects of the cuts on their clients. That is, they couldn’t give a toss that some people are losing the roof over their heads. But they “care” about the effect this will have on their emotions. There doesn’t appear to be any sign that any one of these 442 therapists and counsellors are planning to cut their fees to help their clients.

They complain that the government apparently plans to link some social security payments to people accepting therapeutic interventions to help them get back to work. This is hysterically funny. It is the therapy industry which has driven the ideology that environmental and external world problems can always be solved by fixing some internal deficit. They’ve driven that ideology because that is their business model. Not surprisingly then we can notice that not one of the 442 concerned counsellors has taken the opportunity to swear they won’t take work from this quarter.

Therapists must be the most myopic and self-interested “profession” in the country. Even at a time of public sector cuts all they can think about is their apolitical “work” of the emotions. And, of course, their fees. No sign that they are even aware of the real suffering that people who do lose their jobs and homes will be experiencing. This is just a panicked reaction trying to protect their fees.




Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer