Job Advert: work for government funded charity project with vulnerable young people

Here at Action for Kids we have a fantastic voluntary opportunity for you.

No experience needed. All we require is a dedication to helping vulnerable young people and a positive attitude. Gain real experience in this area helping the most vulnerable young people. Free training.

We are a little short on our quota of Safeguarding incidents this year so don’t be surprised if within a few weeks you are accused of something. It’s all perfectly normal. Your line manager will hold a Kangaroo court and will interview you and write it all up in the logs. No worries!

We do ask applicants to explain why they want to work with vulnerable young people. It is not that we suspect you or want to accuse you of anything. It is just that, well, we all think like paedophiles these days. What better way to catch a thief than to think like one?! (-: And so; all applicants must demonstrate that they think about young people as sexual objects – just so long as you know you mustn’t touch them; or we’ll all get into trouble.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer