Acceptance and Genuiness

This from an ad. by a counsellor:

I offer the therapeutic conditions of understanding, acceptance, genuineness and warmth – a safe place for you to explore your inner feelings and help you find the changes you seek.

Just to clarify: money can’t buy you love. Nor can it buy you “understanding, acceptance, genuineness and warmth”. If there really was “understanding, acceptance, genuineness and warmth” she wouldn’t be charging you a fee for a 50 minute meeting in her office. (Terms and conditions apply). (Try asking for the “understanding, acceptance, genuineness and warmth” outside of the paid-for 50 minutes).

Really this is so cheap and cynical. We all crave for “understanding, acceptance, genuineness and warmth”. The trick in life is to get this. The usual way it works is you have to give it to someone else. And in exchange you’ll get it back. It is about mutual exchange, and nothing to do with money.

If you have to pay for it it isn’t love.

You can pay for a substitute if you want. But you are probably better spending your time and money looking for real love.





Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer