Isolating Russia

Both the UK and the US are making some publicity out of Russia having passed a law which enables them to ban foreign NGOs if they deem that they are a threat to the security of the Russian state.

The US and UK are saying that this will “harm civic society” in Russia. [1]

We can assume that this is for public consumption. The US uses NGOs as part of a strategy to alter public opinion in foreign countries in their favour. They spent USD 5 billion doing this in Ukraine. [2] The money is spent on NGOs which promote values which (loosely) align to “democracy” and “freedom” (that is values whose adoption will lead to the creation of an environment which is beneficial for Western business interests). [3] It was a very successful strategy. In the centre and West of Ukraine a lot of people now dream of joining the EU and NATO.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer