Talking up the Russian threat (1)

This is the ludicrous Mr Fallon (British Defence Secretary) speaking at the laying down of a new missile destroyer:

In recent months you have seen a more aggressive Russia sailing submarines and ships close to our coast, moving aircraft into our airspace, so it’s very important that we continue to strengthen and modernise our defences. [1]

Since this is completely made up it was necessary to check the quote. It seems he really did say this. [2]

The “ships sailing close to our coast” relates to a few cases where Russia vessels returning from duty in the Mediterranean Sea passed through the English channel on their way back home or to other areas. It is true that on one occasion the Russians did tease the British with a claim to be conducting a training exercise in the Channel. That was of course played down at the time by the British. And the Russians later withdrew the tease. [3] But, basically, Mr Fallon is portraying a passage through the Channel as the Russians sailing

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer