The imaginary threat from Russia

The US/UK axis of [fill in the blank]*, fresh from a series of disastrous interventions across North Africa and the Middle-East, is now talking up the “threat” from Russia.

Because of the “threat” they are massively increasing or talking about massively increasing their military capacity in Europe, in the Baltics, and in the Black Sea.

Naturally Russia is trying to respond to each move.

In the Cold War the Soviet Union was in some senses a threat. Until Gorbachev it was more or less Soviet policy to spread their economic-political system abroad. Since take-overs tended to be accompanied by a certain amount of gerrymandering of local politics and secret police activity it was certainly possible to perceive this as a threat. The West had to defend “freedom” against a state socialist tyranny. There was an element of truth in the narrative.

Is the modern Russia a “threat”? NATO claims that Russia is trying to re-expand into the old Soviet space. They point to “frozen conflicts” in South Ossetia and Georgia, the Armenian enclave of

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer