Michael Fallon strikes again

The ludicrous and abysmally unqualified for his job British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has declared that it is “illogical” that Britain is bombing ISIS in Iraq but not in Syria. [1]

The difference appears to have escaped him. The government of Iraq (installed by an illegal US/UK invasion but nonetheless the government) has invited the US/UK (and others) to bomb ISIS on their territory. The government of Syria (not yet toppled but they are working on it [2]) has declined to have the US/UK bomb ISIS on their territory – at least without being consulted. So. Bombing Syria would be (yet another) breach of international law. [3] Oh well; at least it will be “logical”.

This is the same Michael Fallon who lectures Russia on “violating international norms”. [4]

Update 17/7/15

It has now emerged that while going through a pretence of a democratic discussion whether the UK should start bombing targets in Syria the RAF has in fact already been doing just that. [5] Michael Fallon as Defence Secretary cannot not have known this. He has been deceiving the British public. He should resign. But long gone are the days when politicians would even consider resigning for breaching the public trust.


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Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer