The excessive interest in children and sex

This story gives us an idea of the intense interest around children and sex that exists in this society.

Foucault commented that the Victorians managed to create a discourse which continually and incessantly was interested in sex.

It looks like we have managed to do something similar but especially as regards “children”.

The story is about an “attempted rape” of an 8 year old by a 12 year old. The two knew each other. “Attempted rape” may mean no more than some sort of attempt at oral sex.

Why on earth should parents in the area feel “a lot of anxiety and distress”? Other than the ones directly involved it has nothing to do with them. Why on earth might they be discussing it on social media? Why on earth would they even be interested?

Notice the “specially trained officers”, the “sensitive and delicate investigation” and “different partner agencies”. One can just picture the swarms of social workers, specially trained police officers, local authority psychologists, grief counsellors etc. who will descend on this incident – and feed off it for months. All of this is likely to do considerable harm to both

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer