Some analysis on Ukraine

CrossTalk from RT – on Ukraine and Western media silence.

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Ok. There is an absence of questioning of the level of official Russian support for the militias in the East.

That said. All the Western media does is repeat:

1. Stories about Russian military interventions – usually based on evidence-free stories fed to the media via the Twitter feed of the US Ambassador to Ukraine and

2. Stories about how Russia exaggerates the threat from Ukrainian nationalists

While maintaining a near total news black-out on:

1. The history of Ukraine as a country which is both West facing and East facing. (In both world wars Ukrainians fought on both sides. And that is only going back to 1914).

2. The role of the EU in pushing so hard for the Association Agreement without taking account of 1. that they created a crisis. Having got a coup they then signed the political part of the agreement with the new regime even before the regime was partly legitimised by elections.

3. The role of the US is fostering the coup. Billions of dollars in difficult to trace aid to support American leaning civic groups, [1] followed by personal appearances by leading US officials during the violent riots (presented as peaceful demonstrations) that led to the coup.

4. The facts that support for EU integration and NATO membership is less than 20% in the East. [2] and that the people in the East lost their democratic representation when Yanukovych was chased out. [3] Essentially this means that 13 million people in Ukraine out of a total population of 44 million have simply been discounted in Victoria Nuland’s phantasy about “the Ukrainian people” yearning for “European democracy”. [1]

5. Kiev sending tanks against a civilian population. When Serbia sent tanks against independence rebels in Kosovo Milosovich was branded as beyond the pale and this was used by NATO countries to justify a war of terror on Serbia. The Western press helped by publishing pictures of the tanks. When the Western backed regime in Kiev sends tanks against rebels in the East this is not questioned by the Western press.

Taking the above into consideration if nothing else the process in Ukraine can be seen to be the antithesis of “democracy” and the Western media is fully complaisant.



See also: – The admission about USD 5 billion “invested” in manipulating Ukraine into the EU is at 7.45 into the video.



Author: justinwyllie

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