Kick-off for the next anti-Russia media campaign

So. To spoil and detract from the Sochi Olympics the Western press ran spoiler after spoiler about Russia’s “anti-gay” laws. There aren’t any. But that didn’t stop them. (There is a law about propagandising non traditional relations to minors which is punishable by a small fine).

Now that the run-up to the 2018 football World Cup is getting under way the Western press is trying to decide what their spoiler is going to be this time. The obvious one is to link Russia to the US-led criminal probe into FIFA. Another one is “racism”. Russian football apparently has a problem with racism. E.g. black players get racially abused from the terraces. Well; to anyone who knows anything about English football that will sound familiar. But that won’t stop them using the issue to demonise Russia.

This video report by some lubricious Sky reporter is a case in point. He manages to allude to the FIFA corruption angle. How could he help himself? There is no discussion of problems with racism in Russian football in the piece. No reports. Nothing. (Except one reporter manages to shout out a question about “racism” to the back of the the FIFA President). This

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer