How the West does propaganda (2)

This is nice example from AFP.

The story is about a proposed ‘gay pride’ march in Odessa, Ukraine. The Right Sector movement disrupted the event.

This is how AFP reports about the Right Sector:

Prominent extreme nationalist group Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) — once central to the demonstrations in Kiev that toppled a Russian-backed president last year — had voiced fierce opposition to Saturday’s event. [1]

This really is a lovely example of Western media propaganda.

The Right Sector movement was indeed prominent in the Maidan Square riots and putsch which got rid of President Yanochovich. It is a strongly nationalist movement. For example; some of its leaders have made virulently anti-Russian statements (before the war in Eastern Ukraine started). [2]

However the attempt to paint it as something belonging to the past is a sheer lie.

The Right Sector is part of the military campaign being waged by Kiev against the militias in eastern Ukraine. A Right Sector member is an adviser to the Ministry of Defence. Two Right Sector members including one of its leaders Dmytro Yarosh now sit in the Ukrainian parliament. [3] In other words the Right Sector played a key part in the Maidan Square riots and has now been taken into the fold and become part of the military campaign in Eastern Ukraine. It is integral to the coup.

The second piece of mischief here is describing (and this is a typical characterisation) President Yanochovich as a “Russian-backed President”. This is an attempt to mislead the casual reader into thinking that

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