The danger of a one-party state

David Miliband (brother of the last Labour leader Ed Miliband) has warned the Labour party against electing leftist Jeremy Corbyn as leader. He has said:

Get it wrong, and Britain could become a multiparty democracy with only one party – the Conservative party – that can win parliamentary majorities. A one-governing-party state [1]

The thing is that is just what Britain has become over the last few years. The Foreign Policy of the Labour party is the same as that of the Conservative party (yes to US led regime change operations). The two parties both agree on privatisation of anything that moves. Their education policies are inter-changeable. As are their attitudes to the NHS (an endless sink of public money and enrichment for pharmaceutical companies which nonetheless is used to pretend that there is a social welfare policy of some kind). They both use the same doctrines of family dysfunction to explain poverty and disadvantage and eschew any kind of economic plan to lift people our of poverty. Both parties run the same kind of campaigns against people who are out of work. (The “tightening up” of the rules on claiming benefits has continued

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer