The propaganda machine

Just a routine piece of Western media propaganda.

This is from SkyNews.

The story reports that North Korea fired a shell into South Korea and then said that South Korea’s response shelling was based on a “nonexistent pretext”. Put like that obviously North Korea is living in a phantasy world. However the actual sequence of events was a land-mine explosion which injured two South Korean soldiers. South Korea responded to this by turning on its propaganda loudspeakers. This was followed by the exchange of artillery. The “nonexistent pretext” referred to by North Korea was the claim by South Korea that the mine had been placed by North Korea. It may or may not have been – but once we understand this at least North Korea’s position appears rational. Conceivably plausible. Not obviously mad.

This kind of mistake could just be down to sloppy journalism. But (like your bank’s mistakes) the mistakes always seem to fall on one side. In favour of the Western narrative. The Western media is like a propaganda machine. It churns out the narrative day in day out. It does this by a) massive omissions and b) small but significant twists in the fact presentation. All the while it produces balanced reports with quotes from both sides.

In this case the main point is that the US has urged North Korea to stop “threatening regional security”. Well; thank heavens we accept that the US is the global “peace keeper”.



Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer