Safeguarding: promoting paedophilia.

Previously sex with children was unthinkable. The vast majority of people never thought about it. A few paedophiles operated – in childrens’ homes, prep-schools, foster care etc.

Now; anyone working with young people is enjoined to think about sex all the time. Sex with young people is pushed to the forefront of everything. Only – just remember not to actually do it. Paedophiles still operate and are now indistinguishable from those who promote and those who fully accept “Child Protection”. It is the same mentality.

Some paedophiles no doubt are put off by the increased risk of being caught. No doubt there are a few cases of convicted child molesters being prevented from getting work with young people by the barring lists. As well as plenty of people with minor criminal records who would pose no threat to young people. (Actually the barring lists are a very good and reasonable idea. They existed long before “Safeguarding”. But somehow this has been deliberately tangled up with the criminal records check – which is something else again. The government does this by making the way to check the barring lists go through the criminal records check system even though there is in most cases no law requiring a criminal records check). On the other hand the whole culture and atmosphere is poisoned. Sex is everywhere. All young people are taught to think of themselves as sex objects and to view all adults (apart from, guess who, social workers and NSPCC officials) as potential perverts. And indeed some people who would not have molested young people otherwise no doubt are given ideas and try it…

This could only happened in a culture which is degenerate and in which sex has become a commodity. A society in which all decent boundaries around sex are dissolved.



Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer