The Guardian’s incapacity to tell the truth!

Honestly. We have only been looking at the Guardian for a few days. On every page a new fiction.

This is a story about the Russians opening the flight data recorder from their SU-24 which was shot down by Turkey on November 24th. The Guardian says:

Turkey said the Su-24 fighter-bomber, part of Russia’s Syria-based strike force, strayed into its airspace and ignored repeated warnings to leave

The Turkish version is that the Russian jet was in their air-space for 17 seconds as it over-flew a narrow strip of land which juts into Syria. In fact they claim that they gave numerous warnings to the pilots before the jet entered Turkish air-space.

This is not disputed. Our source for this. Well; how about this Guardian article from 25th November. [1] In which the Guardian correctly reports:

A Turkish official said his country stood by its version of events. The Turkish military has said it delivered multiple warnings to the plane as it neared the border and shot it down after it entered the southern province of Hatay.

A few weeks later and the story has morphed into “repeated warnings to leave”.

Given that – according to the Turkish version of events – the plane was only in their air-space for 17 seconds it is difficult even logically to consider how “repeated” warnings to leave could have been given. (How many times can you say “you are violating our air-space leave now” in 17 seconds?). Logic aside it is a fiction. The Turkish version is that they gave the warnings as the jet approached their air-space. Once in it they shot it down.

This isn’t simply a moot point. Refusing instructions to leave once you are already in is obviously a greater crime than ignoring instructions not to approach. It would make a shooting down more justifiable. What has happened here is that the Guardian “journalist” (in fact the piece is attributed to Reuters) has inflated the story so as to dramatize it and make the Russians look really bad – and to show NATO member Turkey in a good light. Reuters is one of the prime instigators of anti-Russian propaganda. Here they create a narrative which anyone with any access to the Internet can check is false in 2 seconds and which could not even by true by the laws of physics. It is a testament to the sheer hubris of the Western media that they produce such blatant propaganda fictions.

The Guardian might say that this piece is news-wire copy. Still. They’ve published it. Given that on such questions a world war could hang one would have hoped that someone somewhere would try to stick to the facts.



Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer