Hogwash on Syria from John Kerry

US Secretary of State John Kerry was interviewed on Russian TV about Syria.

Incidentally this is a fact (that he was given a platform by Russian state TV) difficult to fit into the Western narrative about how the Russian people live in a Kremlin controlled media bubble.

John Kerry explained that the US is not trying to do a regime change op in Syria. He justified the Libya regime change op but accepted that not enough was done to facilitate the transition afterwards. This is the quote in context, from Russian state broadcaster RT:

As for the ongoing chaos in Libya since the NATO air campaign helped the rebels oust Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Kerry insisted that removing the dictator was a right thing to do.

However, he added that he agreed with President Obama that “not doing enough afterwards to make sure that the transition and the building of a legitimate government took place – that was a mistake” by the US and its allies [1]

Who could believe this? Even with the best will in the world it is not possible. Iraq was (illegally) invaded in 2003. The Libyan op. took place in 2011. They had 8 years to learn the lessons from Iraq before the Libyan op. (The Libyan operation was justified by a twisting of UN resolution 1973. This permitted military action to defend civilians. This clause was used to justify the toppling of Ghadaffi and his government on the grounds that by remaining in power he was a threat to civilians. A strange claim to make given that the EU at least had been supplying him with arms right up to his departure). [2]

The problem with Kerry’s explanation is that this same explanation was trotted out over Iraq. Following the 2003 invasion Iraq descended into chaos. Al-Qaeda emerged in Iraq. (As predicted by British intelligence [3]). And has now evolved into the even more grisly ‘Islamic State’. And eventually it has become widely accepted that ‘not enough was done in terms of planning for the re-construction of Iraq’. One

Author: justinwyllie

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