Pants propaganda (2)

This is a report about a member of the Labour shadow cabinet who is calling for young people to be ‘taught about sex abuse’ from the age of 5.

Sarah Champion is a menace to the welfare of young people. She should be locked up.

Ms Champion has 100% bought into the NSPCC’s disturbing ‘underpants rule’. She is reported as saying:

You are not teaching them about sex. It is teaching children what’s in their pants is private to them and if anyone tells you otherwise, you need to tell someone about it. If your uncle is telling you he is doing this because he loves you and it is your little secret, how are you as a six-year-old meant to know that is not appropriate behaviour

This is the standard nonsense that these disturbed people trot out.

The people who want to teach 5 year olds the details of what a sexual molestation means are depraved. They think in

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer