Would the real conspiracy theorists please stand up?

This is an article by Dr Alexander Yakovenko, Russian Ambassador to the United Kingdom on RT.

The principles of military and foreign policy espoused here by Dr Yakovenko are the same ones that President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev and multiple senior parliamentarians in Russia have been explaining completely consistently for some time.

The principles of Russian Foreign policy are (in a somewhat rough transcription):

  1. Join and work with International organisations such as the Council of Europe and the World Trade Organisation
  2. Work with the UN
  3. Follow International Law and seek to make this the basis of inter-state relations
  4. Defend their own interests in a rational way

Their military posture appears to be defensive. It addresses risks posed, for example, by the build-up of NATO forces on its borders. [1]

Russia’s actions are consistent with their stated policy. ‘Annexation’ of Crimea aside Russia has launched no invasions of countries recently. They fought a short war with Georgia in 2008. Despite all the rhetoric in the Western media/political space about Russia being at fault an EU fact-finding mission accepted clearly that Georgia had started the conflict by sending forces into South Ossetia  unprovoked. [2] Russia, unlike the US, does not have scores of bases all over the world.

The line espoused by liberal politicians in the West and the Western media and NATO (no discernible difference between any of these) is that Russia is aggressive and Machiavellian. They create and manage frozen conflicts e.g in Modova and Nagorno-Karabakh. [3] They are trying to destabilise Europe. [4] They are about to invade the Baltic states at any moment. [5] Their claimed bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria is a fraud; really they are ‘bombing civilians’ and ‘propping up Assad’.  [6]

Either we have to accept that every single senior Russian political figure, including parliamentarians, is in on a giant and clever conspiracy which they all sustain for years on end – presenting a policy in public they know to be a smokescreen while behind closed doors they secretly plan something else – or, (with possible minor violations aside) – Russia means what it says. The former is in essence a whopping great conspiracy theory.

Would the real conspiracy theorists please stand up?


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Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer