When propaganda fails… just lie.

When all else fails just tell a lie and hope you get away with it.

Some Western media propaganda is quite carefully constructed. But, sometimes they just lie. This is a piece in Britain’s Daily Telegraph (owned by two very wealthy finance capitalists) about Syria and the current peace talks in Munich.Â

It carries the larger-than-life headline “Vladimir Putin wants to destroy Nato: the Syria war may offer him the chance”. Underneath a photo of a fighter and a message scrawled in English on a wall about ‘fighting till the end’ (all the rebels are of course polite English-speaking ‘moderates’) there is this caption:

The supposed ceasefire does not apply to operations against ‘terrorists’, the term used by the Syrian regime to describe all of its enemies

The problem with this is it simply isn’t true.

The agreement is that the only groups exempted from the ceasefire are ISIS, Al-Qaeda and any others designated as terrorist groups by the UN Security Council. This is the actual text of the Communique issued by the International Syria Support Group (Russia, the US and the UN). Anyone can check that this story in the Daily Telegraph is a fake.

The whole story that follows (written by someone called David Blair) is thus written based on a misunderstanding of what was in fact agreed! Sentences like this:

Bashar al-Assad’s Russian friends made very sure that the truce signed in Munich does not stop anyone from attacking ‵terrorists‶ – and the dictator flatly maintains that he has never done anything else

Are written from the point of view of someone who hasn’t even read the text he is basing his article on!

In reality Russia has made significant concessions such as accepting the right-wing Islamist group Jaysh-al Islam as a member of the opposition negotiation team after initially opposing its inclusion. [1]

This is just more anti-Russian racism. Surely; an editor might have picked up this huge mistake? But no; the story is anti-Russian and ‘pro-West’ so it passes…

If a story of this kind appeared in the Russian press it would be held up as an example of Russian state misinformation. The Russian people, we would be told, live in a ‘Kremlin controlled media bubble’. But here no one will comment. It is par for the course. In the Western media/political narrative the epistemological principle applied is not ‘does what we print accord with facts’ but is ‘is what we print consistent with the tale we are making up to cover our crimes’.


1. https://www.rt.com/news/330751-geneva-peace-talks-syria/

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer