More RFE propaganda on the Guardian

This one is a story about apparent budget cuts in Russia leading to a reduction in disability payments. Oh; those heartless Russians. If only they had freedom…

The fact that cuts to disability benefits are all the rage in the ‘free’ UK at the moment slightly undermines the effect of the story. But if only that was the only problem with this article.

As always when you see an anti-Russian article in the Guardian you need to check the admission of source on the top-left of the page. Not surprisingly this is another article provided by US propaganda machine ‘Radio Free Europe’. [1]

This article is particularly grotesque considering that if the Russian government really is having to cut disability benefits it will be because of economic pressures. At the same time then that the US government is boasting about crippling the Russian economy through sanctions they are pitching articles into the (roll about laughing here) free press about how awful the Russian government is for making budget cuts.

Well. It is all part of a strategy. Squeeze them from the top and stir up the people. And so take over Russia. It is aggressive. Unprincipled. And, ironically, owes nothing whatsoever to ‘democracy’. It is a business takeover attempt. And they are playing dirty. Amazingly enough some of them (US officials, propagandists etc) still really believe that they are bringing something called ‘freedom’ to the world. A few hundred thousand young people in Russia losing disability payments (if that is indeed happening) is nothing to a nation which was responsible for the genocide in Iraq, [2] also done in the name of ‘freedom’. (As was the terroristic bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. And so on).

As for the Guardian. There isn’t much to say. It now provides an outlet for RFE and the Bill Gates Foundation to publish various kinds of propaganda. I.e. it prostitutes its position as a newspaper to give propagandists the legitimacy they crave.











Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer