Madmen and dreams

The signal of having a multinational presence sends a very clear signal… that an attack on one ally would be an attack on the whole alliance

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg as reported by RT.

Putin on the possibility of Russia attacking NATO:

Russia would attack NATO only in mad person’s dream – also as reported by RT.

So. Is Russia chomping at the bit to attack one of the Baltic states and only held back by the strong and increased NATO military presence in the region? Or is Putin telling the truth – only a madman in his dreams would attack NATO? Given the military capabilities of NATO Putin is stating a plain fact. Then again; what evidence is there that Russia would even be thinking of attacking a Baltic State? They made a military intervention in Ukraine in a specific set of circumstances which are intelligible to any rational person.  (The history of Crimea, the coup in  Ukraine and so on [1]). To move from that to the idea that Russia is frothing with irrational aggression and on the point of invading the Baltic states is only possible if you somehow eliminate or rub out the rational reasons for the Russian actions in Crimea and Ukraine. But this is precisely what the forces of war and domination in the West have to do. Because – if Russia’s actions in Ukraine are admitted to be rational they in turn have to face the truth about their own role in destabalising Ukraine. And, as long as they are presenting their power-grab in Ukraine, which disenfranchised all the people in the East who voted for Yanokovich, as a triumph of democracy they cannot admit that the Russian side has a case. The US State Department is playing hard-ball with a weak hand from the point of view of reason – but with a lot of guns.

Does Jens Stoltenberg believe what he says? Or is this a ploy to cover their own aggression? I.e. their talk of Russian aggression is knowingly false and a smokescreen to deploy a new wave of forces to Russia’s borders? Probably mostly the latter but with these people it is difficult to know. They may just be mad enough to believe their own lies.


1 See for example;

Author: justinwyllie

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