Loony tunes… the Western media on Ukraine

This is an article in Britain’s Daily Telegraph about the ‘great European state’, Ukraine.

The author is clearly living in a world away from history and away from reality. The article implicitly condones murder. What is concerning is that the author is, apparently, the Chief Political correspondent of the Telegraph. One would hope that someone in that position would have read some history, would have studied the text of the relevant political agreements (in this case the Minsk II agreements), and would be able to take a clear and objective view of the subject on which he is writing.

One of the most striking aspects of the narrative presented in this article is that it simply ignores the people who are on the ‘wrong’ side in a conflict, as if they don’t exist. It is an objective fact that millions of people in Ukraine do not want to be part of the EU and NATO. They voted in an election for a President who at one point decided to pull out of the EU Association agreement. This President was then deposed in a violent coup. (Or, if you like; he ‘left’ while there were violent disturbances going on outside his office and the two events have no causal connection). [1] But these facts are simply airbrushed away.

The people who do not want to be part of a ‘great European state’ live in the East of Ukraine. Of course there are millions who live in the West and centre of Ukraine who do want to be part of the EU. The country is split and has been split historically. Even going back to the the first World War people from the territory of Ukraine fought on both sides, some with the Soviet Union and some against. So; there is a complex situation with deep historical roots. The position of the deluded author of this article on the Daily Telegraph is simply to vanish out of existence all those millions of Russian-leaning Ukrainians in the East of the country. This is a kind of theoretical genocide. It is limited to silly newspaper articles but it sustains the real crimes of the regime in Kiev – a regime which has significant problems with ‘human rights’ [2]

One of the most telling phrases in this article is this:

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s army can prevent the “people’s republics” from expanding, but it lacks the military strength to recapture them.

Having just derided ‘the Russians’ (the author of the article has adopted the Kiev line that they are fighting ‘Russians’ – not local militias) for breaking the Minsk agreements by violating the ceasefire the author appears to condone a purely military strategy for resolving the conflict. This isn’t a violation of the Minsk agreements – it is throwing them out of the water. This is a particularly blatant example of the tortured narrative of the West; they use the Minsk agreements as a tool to get their way. But they only insist on the side which suits them. In reality the Minsk agreements call for a political solution, a degree of political and judicial autonomy for the break-away regions, and local elections. [3] Support for Minsk II cuts both ways.

This is the sort of fodder which is being fed to readers in the West. As always with these detached from reality narratives it is hard to know if the people who spin them are consciously lying or are simply deluded. Either way the narrative is so far from any kind of accurate vision of reality it is just a kind of fringe madness. Though one which the political and media classes in the West are still trying as hard as they can to turn into reality by sheer weight of power (control of the mass media, armed threats etc.).


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Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer