Revealed: the Guardian’s perspective

This is a piece of break-through reporting from the Guardian. They ‘reveal’ that Iran has a program to train soldiers from Afghanistan to fight in Syria. In shocked and hushed tones the Guardian tells us that:

The Afghan fighters are often impoverished, religiously devout or ostracised from society, looking for money, social acceptance and a sense of purpose that they are unable to find at home.

This is all fine. (Except perhaps for the hyperbole).

But. Wait. Isn’t the US doing exactly the same sort of thing in Syria? The US has two programs to recruit and train fighters to overthrow the government of Syria. One is a covert CIA program based out of Jordan. [1] The other is the lavishly funded but not very successful programme running out of Turkey. [2]

This is typical of the Guardian’s propagandist ‘journalism’. Their reporting on Russia is similar. By focusing only what the other side (anyone outside the Western finance capital dominated sphere) does that looks questionable and then painting that in very dark tones they develop a narrative that says something like ‘We (the West) are beyond reproach. Everyone else is evil’.





Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer