Another heinous crime

The White House has condemned the murders in Munich of 10 people by an as yet unidentified gunman as: ‘a heinous act [that] has killed and injured multiple individuals in the heart of one of Europe’s most vibrant cities’. It is a “horrific situation” which they are “monitoring”. [1]

A few days ago the US killed dozens of civilians in an air-strike (an illegal one) in Syria. [2] This is according to both the Syrian government and multiple opposition groups – thus making the claims very likely to be substantially true.

The usual sickening comments followed. [3] That is, whenever the US murders dozens of civilians including women and children (e.g. with a stray cruise missile strike on an air raid shelter in Baghdad or when they mistake a column of Kosovan refuges for an armed column) during the course of one of their many illegal wars they never miss the opportunity to remind us of how ‘civilised’ they are. They try their darnedest not to kill so many civilians. They just keep doing it…

The civilian deaths they caused in Manbij  in Syria (far more it seems than this single gunman in Munich) are barely acknowledged. The matter may be ‘investigated’ – which is how they always kick these matters into the long grass (a game with which the ‘free’ press in the main plays along).  The death of ten people in Europe is ‘heinous’ and ‘horrific’. It requires real time monitoring and immediate condemnation. Killing dozens of children in Syria hardly causes them to bat an eyelid.


The Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin has commented on the US silence on this matter. Incidentally we now can begin to understand why the Western media (the propaganda sheets for Western capital and the State Department) are so keen to discredit Russia. It means that any criticism of the US war games can be brushed aside as coming from a discredited source. It gives them carte blanche to commit crimes with impunity.





Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer