Speaking truth to Power

This is an extract from Mr Lavrov’s speech at the UN today. It seems like the Russians patience is finally wearing a bit thin.

В просвещённом XXI веке просто неприлично поучать всех подряд, оставляя за собой, оставляя за собой право и на допинг, и на односторонние авантюры в обход ООН, и на геополитические эксперименты ценой в миллионы жизней, и на экстерриториальный шантаж всех, включая ближайших союзников, когда на кону финансовая выгода на своих, — сказал Лавров. [Source: Life News]

A rough translation reads:

In the enlightened 21st century it is simply indecent to preach to everyone in succession, leaving for oneself, the right to doping and unilateral adventures bypassing the UN, and to geopolitical adventures at the cost of millions of lives, and to the extraterritorial blackmail of everyone, including one’s closest allies, when one’s own financial advantage is at stake.

I doubt if anyone in the American delegation, even Kerry, even blushed.


Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer