In the snake pit

Your editor was consulted today about a possible job. (Yes; unfortunately running this web site is an act of love and he has to hawk his little skill-set around to find a buyer so he can put food on the table). The job was working on a web site that connects householders with a certain type of supplier.

It was mentioned in the preliminary telephone interview (possibly deliberately to test the water) that the owner of the web site wants to include a question which potential suppliers have to answer:

Do you speak English?

Well. It’s not exactly racist. Not quite. (Though it clearly discriminates against immigrants). But, really, what a mean-spirited question to ask. The type of work in question is pretty simple. Even if a supplier didn’t speak a word of English it would be possible for the householder to communicate what work they wanted done with a few simple gestures. And really that would be normal and human.

Why does the person behind the web site want this question to be asked? Most likely to head off complaints from householders that the supplier (arranged via the web site) “did not speak English”. He is thinking about his moneyHis concern for his money eliminates his humanity. And by extension that of everyone else who is involved with his project.

Why don’t these people just bite on it? Don’t put that question on the web site. Have a little bit of courage. Have a little humanity. But, always, for some reason these people (who probably aren’t actually racist and nasty), nonetheless choose the path which prioritizes money above love. What is it that makes them do that? What is this compulsion to do evil?

Anyway. Your editor will have to find another job. Of course in this rotten society it is a question of which evil to choose. Or, simply, starve to death.

A loveless society…

Strange, because to act with a little bit of love isn’t hard. It is even natural.


Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer