Keep up Mrs May

A couple of days ago Downing Street branded Mr Farage, interim head of the UK Independence Party and chief architect of Britain’s unfortunate demise from the EU, as an “irrelevance” [1] in terms of the UK’s relationship with the US.

However; Mr Farage has just enjoyed a two hour meeting with the person who is soon to become President of the most powerful – by miles – country in the world. Mrs May, in contrast, was no. 11 on the list of calls.

Times they are a-changing. Even if it is only the mood music.

The British political class is out of touch with the electorate. That’s why they messed up the Brexit referendum. This referendum was anything but an exercise in consultative democracy. On the contrary it was a stunt. It was always going to be fixed – by a manipulative campaign run by ad. agencies (just like the Scottish referendum was fixed) – in order to produce the ‘right’ result for David Cameron. But the out-of-touch political class got a surprise. The weary electorate seized their opportunity, didn’t fall for the obvious scare stories (e.g. leaving the EU will see us nuked by Iran), and gave them a slap in the face. The political class was so out of touch they didn’t see the risk they were running. And even now; as Mr Farage glides up the ornate lift to visit Mr Trump, it is apparent they haven’t learned… [2] If Mr Farage is an “irrelevance” what does that make Downing Street?


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Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer