Phantasy as news in the Guardian

In 2016 the Guardian played a prominent role in publishing a series of obvious degenerate sexual phantasies about certain public figures, which formed the basis of the now closed police ‘investigation’ Operation Midland.

The allegations were patently false. There was a single source and no corroborating evidence to the abuse. The named abusers, whose number increased as time went on, included Jimmy Savile, the notorious BBC child abuser, the heads of both MI5 and MI6, a retired senior army office, and political figures including an ex-PM. We were expected to believe stories like a young boy witnessed another boy being murdered and then went home and didn’t mention it to anyone. It was obviously phantasy. Even in this day and age when anyone who claims any kind of abuse is automatically a ‘victim’ it was obvious that it was only matter of time before the police had to call it a day.

Eventually the investigation was shut down and the Guardian had to change its tune and publish details of a report on the breakdown of the ‘investigation’ which was highly critical of the way it had been conducted.

Today the Guardian is leading with a piece of porn about ‘explosive’ allegations that Russia has compromising material on the sexual perversions of the US President Elect Donald Trump. The headline is ‘Russia has compromising material on Trump’. Yes; they admit that the ‘explosive’ allegations are ‘unverified’. But once again they are engaged in amplifying obvious phantasy. Russian state media has published some of the text on which the ‘explosive’ allegations are based. They are obviously no more ‘credible and true’ than the phantasies on which Operation Midland was based. This one too will have to bite the dust.

It is a sign perhaps of desperation on the part of liberals that they are trying to bring down their opponents with sexual smears.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer