The imperialist mindset in the Western media

The Western media in the main produces narratives which support and ‘explain’ the actions of the political classes in the West. The actions of the West are always ‘explained’ in terms of morality and virtue using phrases like “the international order” and “the norms of international behaviour”.

This is because they (that is the individuals involved) all share a mindset which is essentially that of unreconstructed imperialism. The mindset has not been updated since Britain ruled the waves.

This leads them to some convolutions which are strange to outsiders but not to themselves. For example; part of the narrative on the UN is about how Russia and China often “block UN action”. Here is an example from Reuters/The Guardian:

Russia and China have vetoed a UN resolution to impose sanctions on Syria over the alleged use of chemical weapons during the six-year war.

It is Russia’s seventh veto to protect the Syrian government from UN security council action.

But Russia has not “protected the Syrian government from UN security council action”. Russia has protected the Syrian government from action by the US, France and the UK. It is not the same thing. It is only the same thing to those who think that their “world order” is the world order. That is, those, who can only see others as vassal states who are either a) doing what they are told or b) “blocking” / being “obstructive” etc. In exercising their veto at the UN Russia fulfils its role in making sure that the UN cannot be used just to implement the policies of one power-block.

If the West fails to bring Russia and China to their knees (the current game-plan) then the only alternative will be that they will finally have to do what they claim to be doing all the time; act responsibly at the UN, support the international order, and so on.

Further examples

From the GuardianIn an article about Afghanistan:

Isis has been active in Afghanistan since 2014 but maintains a far smaller presence – and poses far less of an existential threat to the Afghan state – than the Taliban, who continue to be responsible for the majority of violence in the country

In reality the group responsible for most of the violence in Afghanistan is NATO, the US and the forces of the Afghan government they support. The mindset here is straightforwardly imperialistic; we have the right to come into a country, suppress it with massive force, and then declare that any local forces offering armed resistance are “terrorists” offering “violence”, whereas we are “peacekeepers” etc. etc.


Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer