First you must learn to smile as you kill

The UK hidden state fronted by people like Mr Boris Johnson and Michael Fallon may not be directly arming people who commit outright terrorist atrocities like this one in Syria.

But by supporting – diplomatically and militarily (the UK is running a secret military intelligence op. out of Jordan) – forces who are trying to bring down the Syrian state at the time when the Syrian state needs all its resources to fight terrorism these people make themselves bloodily complicit in these murders.

Mr Johnson can – like a criminal trying to lie his way out of a tricky matter in court by passing the blame – try to say it is all the Russian’s fault for backing Assad. But this is spurious. In international law Russia is in the right. It is Mr Johnson who is the wrong side of the law. And, even more to the point, with a visible track-record of the results of Western backed regime change operations all too visible in the failed states of Libya and Iraq a claim which accuses Russia for trying to block a third regime change operation looks threadbare.

How these people continue to do the round of dinners, political engagements and sleep while all around them washes the blood of the innocents who are paying the price for just being in the way of their rapacious and reckless actions is completely beyond this writer.


Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer